Concept and Target

The Urelfer Club Schweiz is not legally structured as an association. Accordingly, the adhering “Urelfer” drivers do not have pay any contributions, nor do they have to attend any meetings or to appoint a board. In this flexible community structure everybody is free to participate spontaneously and in its own discretion to the various activities of the Urelfer Club Schweiz. The goal of the Urelfer Club Schweiz is to bring together early Porsche 911 and 912 owners in Switzerland and abroad and to enjoy among friends the “Urelfer” passion through contacts, meetings and drives. In addition, the Urelfer Club Schweiz shall serve as a platform for the exchange of information of any kind around the early Porsche 911 or 912 (e.g. relating to the spare parts supply or to originality).




Already more than 160 “Urelfer” owners from all Swiss regions and from the adjacent neighbouring countries have adhered so far to the Urelfer Club Schweiz. A good half of them participates actively to the various Club initiatives.  Interested “Urelfer”-Drivers come from all over Switzerland and from Southern Germany. The Urelfer Club Schweiz is not meant to be an elitist community: accordingly, the membership structure is well mixed.




As main activity the Urelfer Club Schweiz organizes three to four meetings per year in always new regions in Switzerland or in places (also abroad) with a close historic relation to Porsche. The common denominator of the meetings are between 15 and 30 early Porsche 911 and 912, twisty roads with light traffic as well as the joint lunch in a placid garden restaurant. The participants are informed via e-mail and through this website approximately one month before the meeting date.