Es gibt Autos…. und Porsche! New reproduction sticker

Our colleague Thomas Hiestand has produced a small series of repro stickers with the famous slogan “Es gibt Autos… und Porsche” (“There are cars…. and Porsche”). Width 7.3 cm on 3M foil. See pictures.

Thomas sells the stickers at a price of CHF 21 per piece, including shipping within Switzerland. Anyone who is interested can contact Thomas directly:

Exclusive Porsche Sticker – Repro of AMAG

We have printed a series of stickers using as template an original model used by AMAG in the eighties on new cars. The result is very nice, as the sticker is “negative” (goes on the inner side of the window). We sell every sticker at the price of CHF 50. The price helps funding this website.